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Situated on a picturesque avocado farm in the breathtaking Limpopo Province, Agatha Crocodile Ranch offers family entertainment at affordable rates.

About Agatha Crocodile Ranch

Daily Tours:

Would you like to see our crocodiles at close range and in action? We offer daily tours and feeding shows between 09:00 and 15:30, Monday to Sunday. The tours last about 1+ hours, and we promise to bring you some great excitement. We do not have specific feeding times but rather cater to our guests' needs by providing a highly personalized tour and feeding show (weather permitting) upon arrival.

Included in the tour is a comprehensive address covering the history, behaviour, conservation and breeding of the Nile crocodile, followed by a feeding show and guided tour of the breeding dam and enclosures. For more information about the Nile crocodile, visit our Crocodile Facts page.

Touch a Baby Croc:

Don’t you think it is a little risky touching a fully grown crocodile, big guy? Now you have the opportunity to touch a baby croc. Don’t be mistaken – they can still deliver a stinging bite if not handled properly! Don't worry. Sam will make sure that they keep their teeth to themselves.

Feed a Crocodile:

Do you want to feed a live crocodile yourself? We offer you that opportunity at Agatha Crocodile Ranch.

See Our Living Legends:

Some of our legends include Stompie, Milan, Rufus, John and Linky. Rufus is currently our biggest crocodile and 4,7 meters long and approximately 45 years old. Our Legends are certainly our biggest tourist attraction.

Our Staff:

Paul Darazs
Sam Bopape
Tour Guide